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Crowdsourcing 101

What does it mean to crowdsource a product?

If you're a savvy shopper that knows exactly what you want to buy, why not buy together with other parents to save? Just crowdsource it on Bandalou. Now, how cool is that?

After all, you're probably not the only one that's interested in buying a particular item, so why not buy together & save together? And the best part is, you can socialize with other shoppers who've hand-picked the products they love.

Can I crowdsource ANY baby product?

Unfortunately, not every baby product is available on Bandalou today, but we're working on it. As a company integrating social features with your shopping experience, we're concentrating where we can bring you the greatest value.

How do I crowdsource a new baby product on Bandalou?

You can cut and paste the URL of your favorite product, or send us a description through the +Product link.

How do I un-crowdsource a product?

Crowdsource, Wait & Save

If I join or click "Crowdsource, Wait & Save" a product group, am I committing to buy that product?

No way. Clicking "Crowdsource, Wait & Save" merely shows that you're interested in crowdsourcing to save. There is no obligation to buy.

But once you've joined a crowd, you'll be able to socialize with other shoppers interested in the same item.

We're all in this journey together, so why not unite and save?

What information will be shown publicly if I click "Crowdsource, Wait & Save"?

Your public Bandalou profile will appear if you join a crowdsourced product group. This includes your first name and last initial or alias, your photo (if uploaded), and city you're located in. This helps connects members looking to socialize about the same quality products.

You can change your profile settings by clicking on the arrow next to your photo or avatar and selecting "Profile".

What is the difference between "Crowdsource, Wait & Save" and "Buy Now"?

Crowdsourcing means you’re interested in buying a product, and you can give us 4 days to bundle your order together with other shoppers to get Bandalou Bucks/Bonus back.  Once you checkout by buying with the Buy & Get Bandalou Bucks/Bonus button, we’ll gift to you savings through our rewards program.

Clicking on "Buy Now" lets you buy the product immediately without waiting.  Buy Now is only available after the crowd has been started and we usually take 1-2 days to confirm that the item is in stock.  That is why Buy Now is not available until after the crowd has been started – because we never know what product will get crowdsourced or how many Bandalou members will be interested in a particular item at a given time.

Is there a limit on the number of products I can crowdsource?

No way. You can crowdsource as many products as you like, but buy only what you want.

Buying / Shipping & Returns

How do I buy?

Just click on the "Buy Now" button to buy your favorite baby products.

But keep in mind that you'll only get Bandalou Bucks/Bonus with your purchase if you buy during the last 48 hours of the sale after the Bandalou Bucks/Bonus offer. That's because we bundle your order with other Bandalou members to help you save.

What if I need my product before right away and I can't wait?

No problem! You can just "Buy Now" and check out. When you do, your product ships within 1-2 business days.

What's your shipping & return policy?

Free Shipping!
  • Shipping is on us for all orders over $75*
  • No membership fees or codes or weight restrictions
  • Most orders will arrive in 7-20 business days*
Free Returns!
  • For any reason within 30 days to our flagship store with receipt
  • Online returns within 30 days are free when due to defect and damage
  • Notify us, print out the prepaid Fedex label and schedule a pick up
*Free shipping applies to orders $75+ in the contiguous US states and excludes extra surcharges. Most items arrive within 7-20 business days. Delays may occur when an item is out of stock or new to Bandalou. Email confirmation with estimated time of arrival will be sent once purchase has been made.

Do we ship to Canada?

YES! We do ship to Canada.

Bandalou Bucks/Bonus

What are Bandalou Bucks/Bonus?

Bandalou Bucks/Bonus is our loyalty rewards program. If you can give us a few days to bundle your order with other Bandalou customers, we will give you Bandalou Bucks/Bonus back.

You can apply your Bandalou Bucks/Bonus towards any future purchase – no restrictions or exclusions . . . ever. (Just remember, you can't earn Bucks/Bonus when you purchase with Bucks/Bonus (just like the airlines with miles...)

What else can I do with my Bandalou Bucks/Bonus?

Don't need your Bandalou Bucks/Bonus? Want to gift them to a friend or donate them to your favorite charity? Just contact us and we'll help you spread the kindness. Exclusions apply.

Do the Bandalou Bucks/Bonus Expire?

Yes, your Bandalou bucks/bonus will expire after 3 months.

I just kicked off a new crowd on Bandalou. How long does it take for me to "Buy & Get Bandalou Bucks/Bonus"?

Usually, just a few days, enough time for your crowd to grow.

While we can't promise that we'll be able to crowdsource every baby product on Bandalou, we can promise that we'll do our best – and the larger the crowd, the bigger the Bandalou Bucks/Bonus back.

How long does the sale window stay open once I get my Bandalou Bucks/Bonus offer?

Two days. That means you'll have just 48 hours from the Bandalou Bucks/Bonus offer to complete your purchase.

Baby Registry

How does Baby Registry work?

Bandalou’s Baby Registry works just like any other registry – except Bandalou moms get a double gift.

Registry moms get the gift off the registry from their friends & family, and then Bandalou gives 10% of the price of the gift BACK to the registry mom to buy anything else they need on Bandalou. Now how cool is that?

How do I start my Registry?

Step 1: Just click on Registry from the main menu on the homepage, then click Create Registry once you’re on the registry page. This creates your registry account.

Step 2: Then simply find the product that you’d like to add to your registry, and from the product page, click +Baby Registry to add it to your registry list.

Step 3: Once you’re finished (you can add more products at any time), just copy your unique registry page URL and email it to your friends & family. Anyone with that link can gift items to you, and we deposit the Bandalou Bucks/Bonus right into your account!

What is the difference between Crowdsourcing and Registry?

Crowdsourcing means you’re interested in buying a product, and you’re willing to give us 4 days to bundle your order together with other shoppers to get Bandalou Bucks/Bonus back. Once you checkout by buying with the Buy & Get Bandalou Bucks/Bonus button, we’ll gift to you savings through our rewards program.

Registry means you’re creating a wishlist for yourself and baby, where friends & family can buy for you immediately at retail price – but then you get 10% back in Bandalou Bucks/Bonus which can be used on your next purchase. With our registry program, the registry mom gets the Bandalou Bucks/Bonus rewards instead of the person buying off the registry (i.e. the gifter).

How do I find my friend's registry?

You can ask your friend to send you the link to her registry, or you can try to find her registry by inserting her first and last name into this URL format: https://bandaloubaby.com/registry/firstname-lastname. If you're still having trouble, just contact us and we can search her registry and send you the link. 

Other questions, comments?

What if I have other questions?

We'd love to hear from you! Just Contact Us to send us your questions, provide feedback and suggestions. You can also use our comment widget (which appears on the left hand side of your webpage) to contact us from any page.

We want to hear what you like, don't like, what you think we're doing well on and areas where we can service you even better. We'll respond as quickly as we can.

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