About Us

About Us

As parents, we are on the greatest journey of our lives … and we are not alone. We are on the same journey together, and today, we can use technology to help parents all across America unite in a common goal – to learn and buy the very best for our families.

Like other parents, I was always looking for the right products at great prices for our family of five. I searched online, asked friends and family, and tried all kinds of apps. It was time consuming and painstaking. Scrolling through thousands of products all having 4 or 5-stars was, in a word, overwhelming. Big box warehouses and discounters had good prices, but didn't always carry the brands I wanted or give me a high touch experience.

Then one night, it hit me. I realized all across the country, there were other parents just like me struggling with the same process. If only I could find those other parents … we could band together, share product information and experiences, and crowdsource to buy the very best. I started searching for an online parent-driven community, and when I couldn't find one, my kids said: "Why don't you just do it, mom?"

So we got to work on creating a place where product choices are driven by parents for parents. A place where parents could crowdsource to discover, unite and save. Because there is strength in numbers – especially when these numbers are parents.

Hope you like the name, it has special meaning for us. I spent the morning searching for domain names when my youngest two, kids asked if they could help. Fifteen minutes later, they came back with "bandalou" written on a post-it note. Alex explained it like this: "Band- for banding together and Lauren's nickname "Lori-Lou". 

Discover.    Unite.    Save.

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